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REPOST-Book of Eli-A few thoughts

I saw the Book of Eli Saturday night with two friends.

Why? I saw the trailer months ago and I have always been drawn to post-apocalyptic tales. It appeared to be an action flick and something I wouldn’t have to endure like a Romantic Comedy. Recently, I heard the movie had religious overtones and a few prominent Christian friends were endorsing the R-rated flick as anointed and a must-see for all Christians. Really?

So I decided to lay down my $10 to see for myself.

The Plot -Thirty years after an apocalyptic event, a walker named Eli is traveling on foot toward the West Coast. He is protecting a book. On this journey, Eli attempts to avoid cannibals and marauders in the lawless wasteland. In his search for water, Eli warrants unwanted attention from a Warlord who wants the book for himself. The book happens to be the last surviving copy of the Holy Bible.

With that said-I found the movie to be intriguing. The character of Eli (a man of faith who recites Scripture accurately and int…

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